Review of Frog Hunter Online Slot

The Frog Hunter slot machine, another of BetSoft’s enchanting games, gives players a unique combination of fruit machine symbols and children’s fairytales. This slot is somewhat inspired by tales of the frog princess. It has 5 reels, 5 paylines, and symbols like as frogs, crocodiles, and watermelons. You may win up to 5,000 credits every round in more than one method, regardless of the platform you choose to play, whether it a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Specifically, unlike the majority of Betsoft’s slot machines, Frog Hunter may pay rewards in both ways, doubling your chances of winning money. This slot machine not only pays both ways, but it also has a number of extra features designed to offer you additional wins, including immediate cash features, double-up games, and an interactive bonus level that may pay up to 20 times your entire stake. Read our whole review to find out how these features function and to learn more about the possible rewards.

How to Play the Online Slot, Frog Hunter

If you’re seeking for an easy-to-use slot machine, go no further than the Frog Hunter. This slot machine has just the most basic betting controls, making gameplay very simple. Before you can begin earning rewards, just use the coin control to choose your coin size and then choose the number of active paylines. Depending on your budget, you may wager anywhere from 0.02 to 25 credits every round.

If you want to see the slot machine’s paylines, just mouse over one of the five buttons on each side of the screen, and each line will be highlighted. To examine the slot machine’s symbols and payouts, however, you must click the “view pays” option. There are 10 symbols to gather during gameplay, with some giving rewards and others activating unique features. All of the winnings are shown in coins, ranging from 3 coins for a three-of-a-kind win to 100 coins for a five-symbol combination. However, since the slot rewards both ways, you will have the rare opportunity to trigger prizes in both directions, as well as a greater hit rate and double the payouts of a traditional left-to-right slot.

BetSoft provides mobile gamers with a scaled-down version of the game that is almost identical to the desktop slot machine, with the exception that the majority of the controls have been transferred to a separate menu on the top-right. You may play this slot game on your Android tablet or smartphone, as well as your iPhone and iPad, at many of the leading online casinos.

Frog Hunter Characteristics and Free Spins

Similar to the rest of online slot machines, BetSoft’s Frog Hunter awards cash when three, four, or five matching symbols appear on an active payline. Unique to this specific slot machine, however, are the peculiar mechanisms that allow you to win rewards from both left to right and right to left. Combined with the double-up feature and other bonuses, these mechanics may be highly advantageous when playing for real money.

The slot machine contains both a double-up feature and a triple feature, both of which may be utilized to boost any winnings. After earning a reward, you need just hit the “double” or “triple” button to access any of the two options where you may risk your gains. The double feature allows you to choose one of four symbols, of which two will double your money and two will cause you to lose it, whilst the triple feature provides you with three symbols, of which only one can treble your winnings.

In addition to these bonuses, the slot features two more that are activated by collecting unique symbols. Collect a dragonfly adjacent to a male or female frog to win an immediate payout equal to three times or two times your entire wager, depending. Instead, if you collect three, four, or five lily pad bonus symbols, you will access a themed second screen bonus. Assist the frog in across the pond by picking lily pads and advancing one row at a time, but watch out for the greedy crocodile in the center who might derail your efforts. If you play your cards well, you may win anywhere from 2 to 20 times your entire wager, depending on the number of symbols that triggered the bonus round.

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